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Where Else?

If you are looking for more to do, here are other locations in the area to check out!  


In Brownsville

Brownsville is also known as the city of churches!  Drive around town to view thirteen beautiful church's!

Flatiron Building Heritage Center

Through artifacts and maps, the heritage center tells the history of Brownsville inside another historic building.  On 60 Market St. Brownsville PA, they are open 11am to 4pm Tuesday through Sunday!

Frank Megela Art Museum

Connected to the Flatiron Building, the Frank Megela Art Museum offers a display of history, artwork, and preservation of artwork from Frank L. Megela.  Check out their website!

Frank MEgela.jpg

Travel Route 40 for more history!

Searights Tollhouse

The Searights tollhouse is on route 40 going to Uniontown. Learn what happened here and its interesting stories! 


Fort Necessity

Head up the mountain to the battlefield used during the French and Indian war or the seven years war! For more information, check their website!
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