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Third Oldest Castle in USA

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Nemacolin Castle is not the only castle in the United States.  However, it IS the third oldest castle in the United States.  

The oldest is Bason's Castle in Surry, Virginia and was built in 1665.  It housed a political uprising in 1676 led by Nathaniel Bacon. Today, you can tour the castle and learn more about the family and the history.

Second is The Castillo de San Marcos.  It was built in 1672 in then Spanish-owned Florida. It was used in the Revolutionary War by the British to house prisoners. You can tour the castle today to learn more about the history of the Spanish fortress.

Bowman's Castle is number 3!

Built in 1789.

Also known as Nemacolin Castle, Bowman's Castle has only ever housed one family : the Bowman family. The history of this castle is rich, starting with the first Bowman who originally built the castle all the way to the last generation to live there. Today, you can take a ghost tour of the place (because a good castle isn't good unless it's haunted). Bowman's Castle is located in Brownsville, PA.

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